Story about the diet


Before and after Dr. Simeons diet

Nothing can be more useless than other person’s experience, however, once upon a time, I found out that my weight in the age of 40 was 85 kg with the height of 158 cm. What could I do? Go on a diet….During one year I hardly lost 2 kilos. It was like swinging -2+3-2+3

Anyways, by the start of Dr. Simeons diet my weight was 83 kilos and I started the first round with the aim to lose 13 kg (to achieve the result of 70kg in the end).

But somehow I thought that I had to take one granule a day instead of required 4.

It took a week for me to understand that I was doing something wrong, so the first week had gone L – I could not lose weight quickly.  So I cleared everything up, read everything all over again and understood, but continued to do as my mind was saying in the search of new recipes and experiences. In the end, I managed to do all the possible mistakes and only went to 75 kg. So the only thing left was to feel sorry about the missed opportunity to do the process properly and with bigger success.

What I learned:

1! Do not make salads! (Only one type of allowed vegetable during one meal).

2! Eat only boiled chicken breast and tolerate the monotony, if it is effective.

3! Do not even look at chocolate, because even a tiny piece will make +200 the next morning instead of -500. Harmful almost as +1 kilo.

Anyways, in general it is easy to cope with the diet, I mean, there is no hunger, moreover, the problem was in how to make up 500 calories out of the allowed products.

As a result, it is evident that the organism became cleaner and younger.

I also got my cycle restored after the diet. Became more cheerful and calm, improved my sleeping. Nails became stronger, hair loss stopped compared to what was before. Skin is clean.

And they lived happily forever. And I wish you the same.


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