Lost 5 kilos and became smarter!

I started with 57 kilos, and now I am almost 52. I lost 5 kilos, but the best thing here is that I understood how to get a proper nutrition and eat healthy. And I really enjoy it!

I do not want to eat pork…as soon as I see how fat it is… Faugh!

I also feel that going to a gym 3 times a week is not enough for me anymore…I have been going to the trainings every day for the three weeks already and I do understand how important it is for my health!

40 days can change the whole life…of course if you’d really wanted to!

Diet…when you just say this word out laud, everyone may have different associations. However, when you say “I am going to eat healthy”, it is a completely different thing! Nevertheless, many people who start Dr. Simeons diet understand it as a “diet”, i.e. eating limitation. They say to themselves: “I am on a diet! I am on a diet!”, but once the diet is over, they remove all the limits and eat a lot again!

While I had another task – I wanted to start eating healthy with the help of this diet, and I was constantly telling myself: “Health! Health!”. So here we are – I now eat less fat, know what I am allowed to eat and what not, and doing workouts every day!

Dr. Simeons diet = HEALTH!!!

A huge thanks to Anat for the opportunity to live HEALTHILY!


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