Looking to Buy HCG Drops in UK or Europe? Check this out first…

People who look to buy HCG diet drops in UK, Europe, USA, Canada or even Philippines all want to loose weight using Dr. Simeons proven HCG Diet. All that is left – an effective substance, which would open access to the locked excess fat reserves and will tell your body to use that as the main food and energy supply store. Agree?

Now the question remains – what is the most effective, safe and inexpensive substance to help you achieve that during HCG diet? What should you actually search for when looking to buy HCG Drops in UK or Europe?

Well, as the name of the diet hints – that substance, which gives you the closest effect to HCG itself would be the most effective, while not necessary the safest – I’m talking about HCG injections, same that were administered by Dr. Simeons himself in 50-70 in his private clinic in Rome. He used to give shots of 125 international units of HCG itself to his clients on a daily basis. Of course, this is fine if you’re a doctor or a nurse, but not a suitable solution for a regular person.

Now, already back then in 90s an alternative approach was devised, that which takes HCG and by means of classic homeopathy prepares a remedy based on alcohol having HCG residue and acting as an HCG replacement. It turned out that body still reacts to it, as though HCG itself entered the organism. Of course, the effectiveness of this solution heavily depends on quality of the homeopathic preparation and that you store and take the drops correctly. After all homeopathy remedies must be stored far from sources of electromagnetic radiation and also before and after taking it no other water or food must enter your month.

Unfortunately, at some point FDA decided that due to lack of additional scientific proof of effectiveness of HCG for weight loss, not solution containing HCG in any way or form can be marketed in the USA market. As the result, some companies attempted to produce organic HCG alternatives, taking some of the amino acids comprising complex HCG molecules, adding some additional substances inducing weight loss and selling it as “HCG Drops without HCG”.

Well, I would not want to make any statements as to how well these products work, but what is absolutely certain – you do NOT do Dr. Simeons HCG Diet, when you use them – they ARE alternative diet products. So it’s up to you if to try this or another diet plan out or to stick to Dr. Simeons clinical research, which he undertook during more than 20 years of scientific study.

Here I come to the final wave of products, which solve both of the issues: having direct HCG effect while not containing no HCG in any quantity. Plus being available for worldwide shipping due to its simple chemical composition and transportation requirements. That would be the best alternative to buying HCG drops in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Philippines or any other country worldwide.

The story is about HCG Pellets in general, and our product called BIOLIT in particular. Chemical compounds of BIOLIT is Xylitol – natural sugar replacement allowed even for diabetics patients. This by the way differentiates BIOLIT from other HCG pellets on the market, which can be regular homeopathic sugar globules instead.

On the Xylitol pellets the required concentration of HCG is transferred using, what is called, Bioresonance Reprinting method. This method utilizes special equipment, which transfers main electromagnetic wavelengths from the source (125 – 175 international units of HCG) on top of homeopathic carriers (Xylitol pellets in our case). Result – calories free sweet pellets carrying just enough of HCG signal to fully initiate Dr. Simeons protocol of providing access to closed fat reserves of the body!

Biolit – Xylitol pellets with HCG effect supporting Dr. Simeons Diet

Biolit – Xylitol pellets with HCG effect supporting Dr. Simeons Diet

Pham-a-spheres xylitol globuli analysis

Pham-a-spheres xylitol globuli analysis

We use Biolit pellets for the last 5 years in our business, having served more than 8000 clients worldwide, who reported around 9 kg fat loss on average within 40 days of the diet. No complaints of hunger, weakness or any kind of side effects were reported!

So, if you’re looking to buy HCG Drops in UK and Europe, we encourage you instead to buy hcg pellets based diet package and start.

What our HCG Diet Package consists of?

What do you get when your purchase the Dr Simeons HCG Diet package from us? What we discovered was that in order to truly ensure that you succeed with Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol you must have the following components:

  • Substance with HCG effect, providing direct access to the locked fat reserves. In our case these are Biolit – HCG Diet Pellets having 98% Xylitol with the exactly correct amount of HCG energy-reprinted onto them.
  • Professional, comprehensive yet concise Dr. Simeons Diet User Guide. The right guide would provide you just enough understanding of Dr. Simeons HCG Diet principles, process phases, clear instructions on each one including allowed and forbidden products and a lot of tips to go around the pitfalls.
  • Interactive online diary, where you record your morning weight and track your daily food intake. We developed an online interactive diary, which understands if you are succeeding with the process or need some assistance, in which case it refers you to the relevant user guide chapter, allowed foods table file and suggests contacting your diet consultant.
  • Downloadable files including: step-by-step weight loss process checklist, loading phase food recommendations, diet phase allowed products and tips, stabilization phase principles and suggested products.
  • Access to private Dr. Simeons professional consultant, who would follow your progress via the Interactive Online Diary, as well as will be there for any questions you might have during the Dr. Simeons exact and highly effective excessive fat loss process.

Dr Simeons HCG Diet UK - User Gide

Dr Simeons HCG Diet – Complete User Gide by Anat Stern

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet UK - Interactive Online Diary

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet – Interactive Online Diary

You can buy you hcg diet pellets with the guide book only or order the full support package via our order page.

If you have any questions, please,
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How to get rid of up to 15 kg of excess fat in 40 days with no risk to health, starvation or heavy sports, to get perfect slim body without fat or cellulite?