I went from 70kg to 60 kg

I am in my 60s, I also had a breast amputation and had a whole lot of “age-related” problems. I stopped looking at myself in mirrors, although the majority of friends were surprised: “why am I so nervous?”…

Me and my daughter had decided to start Simeons diet together. Luckily Anat had everything in my native language and with personal approach plus even I managed to get the on-line system working!

So, what can I say?

I didn’t feel hunger or anything else not even once, only the pleasure from daily weight loss! Sometimes I could not even finish my 500 calories, simply did not want to.

I lost weight on the bottom, exactly where I needed and wanted to. It happened during 30 days of the diet.

I did not want to go further – simply did not want to be too thin.

Now I can easily preserve my 60.5!

Thanks to Anat for support, recommendations, your web-page, and for bringing doctor Simeons diet into our lives!

My daughter lost 6 kg, but she had to stop in the middle of the process. She is going to do another round in the future.


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