I lost 15.5 kg!

Before the diet


After the diet


I bought a dieting package from Anat, which included sweet granules and access to the support system as well.

I am 55 years old and had weight of 100 kg for a long time. I had some periods when my weight was even 147…

I had some doubts, but then I saw the results of Anat and her husband and I understood that I had no choice, because only with the help of Dr. Simeons diet I could manage to change my life.

I like to eat! I like cooking! It is visible also on my photos where I have weight of 107 kilos.

I had easily managed to complete the process, because I did not feel hunger at all! Even when I was cooking delicious food for my husband I managed to keep up with the diet!

Now, I can proudly announce that I finished the diet and reached the highest result in it – I lost 15.5 kilos!

I finished my first round with weight of 91.5!!!!!

I know that I have a long way ahead, because now I got my eyes opened and can understand how fat I was, if after losing 15.5 I still look fat….

I am looking forward to second round to lose 15 kilos more!

I measured my body, as Anat recommended, and here are the results:

Breast: 128 – 115.5

Waist: 119 -102

Belly: 126 – 109.5

Hips: 126 – 113.5

Thighs: 66 – 60.5

Hand: 40 – 38.5



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