I have lost 12.5 kg

I have been trying to lose weight as long as I can remember.

I was going on various diets, doing sports, tried all affordable nutrition supplements and the ones that were not that affordable.  Weight could go down slowly for a while, but then it always came back and really quickly with that.

When I first met Anat Shtern and saw her photo before and after, I understood that this is exactly what I needed, straightforward. Of course, I had certain doubts, because it was hard to believe that the body could live on 500 calories. But I started the diet right away.

It is worth mentioning, that for me the diet was really easy and comfortable. I did not feel hunger, but I have isolated myself from gastronomical temptations almost completely.

So, after 40 days I was only 72.5 instead of 85 kg.

What made me happy the most is that I was losing weight from exactly those places that needed it the most, not from my face or breast.

Also, since I am cosmetologist, it is very important for me that my skin condition got improved, which means that the process does not hurt our organism, to the contrary – improves the functionality of our organs, because the skin is always the first to react to all positive and negative changes inside our bodies.

I would prefer not to show the photos after the first round. I will show them after the second round – in the end of September.



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