I have lost 10kg and soon on to another round

I have large experience of losing weight. I was starving, doing Japanese diet, Atkins diet, worn needle in the ear, did weight watching and many other similar things.

When I have finished my first round with Anat’s support, I did not have a question of HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT anymore. It is an absolute miracle that during such a short period of 40 days it is possible to become so much different and get younger without much difficulty.

But the biggest miracle in my case was, that while losing 2 sizes in the bottom, my bra size had stayed the same, although before – after all other diets, I always felt that fat comes off first on face and breast.

It is really awesome to wear now the clothes I wore 10 years ago and receive complements. Soon I am going to go for a second round and then I will finally become a real Thumbelina, as it is meant to be with my 163 centimeters.


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