I got my weight and youth back…

Dear Anat,

My story is similar to all other stories, but there is something personal in it as well.

I cannot remember how I found your story and a diet.  However, I remember, I felt its genuineness, so when you called me concerning my letter to you – your voice and confidence gave me the strength and courage to finally do this diet.

I am a 55 years old woman, similar to many others – child birth, age, a few extra kilos every couple of years really overwhelmed and depressed me.

Being a slim girl and after that a woman during the biggest part of my life, I felt bad with the extra fat, which now appeared on my body…clothes, chains on my neck, rings and even shoes’ sizes grew bigger.

What irritated me the most was when I felt hard to walk up the stairs, lift my little grandson and spin him around. I started to feel pain in my knees….I felt, that now I was 55 years old…so I decided that I had to do something!

After the conversation with you I received the push and ordered the dieting package and the diary.

I am a woman who has the syndrome of dyslexia/ lack of attention – and I feel hard to follow the rules, so I got scared that I will not be able to continue till the end. But you supported me and promised that you will accompany me all the way.

It took me 3 weeks to get ready to start the process…Some people tried to convince me that it is dangerous to lose so much weight in such a short time period, not to mention 500 calories. Also, they tried to push on the fact that I am a serious and smart woman, and the fact that I had to understand the diet could harm my organism.

However, I was full of energy and motivation, so I promised myself that by my 55th birthday in January I will be slim!

During the first days I was in euphoria, because first I lost 900 and then even 1 kg, so I was very motivated, cheerful and energetic.

My mood had also been very positive, that is why it was hard for me to fell asleep at night. I was indeed hyperactive, in positive sense.

Three weeks I was doing everything strictly according to the process, and got very nice results, but in the second half of a diet, sometimes I was breaking the rules in the weekends, but I always knew that I will be back on the diet on Sunday.

I started from 66, gained 1 kg on the first step and went to 59 kg in the end.

I lost 7 kilos, size became smaller and I had a wonderful overall feeling. I received compliments from family, husband and children, and even from some other people, such as from people I meet every day occasionally in supermarket or just randomly.

I went from 38/40 to S-36 or O.

Also, to my big surprise, my shoe size went from 38 to 37 ½… now I can also easily put on the jewelry, who could even imagine that?

There is a good choice of clothes in the shops for me now and shoes are comfortable to wear.

The most interesting:

My muscles did not suffer – they even improved – although I am not a gym fan, I usually try to keep my body in a good shape – I do not want any part of the body to be flabby.

I made fat measurements in general and fat in the abdomen, as well as water mass and everything else that could be measured.

So after 3 weeks my trainers were surprised to see, that my fat mass went down, according to the results – I had indicators that 46 year old woman should have.

And now, by the end of the diet, the measurement shows that I have the indicators of 40 years old woman.

So, I did not just lose 7 extra kilos without much effort in a short period of time, but I have also lost 15 years in important indicators, that are measured in gym. Hhha, I gained my youth and weight back…

Anat, thank you for always being there for me – on the other side of the interactive diary, watching quietly and correcting mistakes when needed.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to find out about the diet.

I hope to now stabilize and to keep my new weight.

I will relax for a while and, I think, I am going to do another short round soon to achieve best recommended medical indicators.

Also, I take my hat off to you – it is really important to meet people like you and to understand that they can keep their promises.

I wish you success in all your further deeds, which are done with devotion!!

Have a wonderful day and see you,


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