Huge heartfelt thanks!


Before the diet


After the diet


After the diet


I wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and my daughter. My daughter’s problem pushed us to do the diet. She started to gain weight quickly, and doctors just shrugged their shoulders and could do nothing. After the first week of a diet, that was created by the nutritionist for us, my daughter got a dropper. So, we decided to finish with the diets. Then, the endocrinologist advised us to consult a homeopath, and that is how I had accidentally found out about this wonder-diet.

So, I rushed to save the kid. It was our last chance. However, my daughter asked me to go on a diet together with her. I had to agree. I lost 9,9 kilos and I am very happy about this result. My weight before the diet was 77.9 and now it is only 68. My daughter weighted 84.5 and now she only weights 72.3 – she lost 12.2 kilos. She’s got will and motivation to do another round.

All of our friends are asking a lot of questions how is this possible? And we are proud to tell them about the Dr. Simeons diet.

I am sending my photos before and after.

Huge heartfelt thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


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