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Biolit – HCG Diet Pellets

In his original HCG Diet protocol Dr. Simeons wrote (page 30):

“…Though a pregnant woman can produce as much as one million units per day, we find that the injection of only 125 units per day is ample to reduce weight at the rate of roughly one pound per day, even in a colossus weighing 400 pounds, when associated with a 500- Calorie diet. …”

Which means that it requires the presence of HCG of about 125 units to open direct access to fat reserves so they could be fully used during the very low calories phase. Only when your body recognizes the presence of approximately this amount, will it access the fat and use it as the main energy source. Thus, you will not be hungry, will not feel weak and will dissolve on average 500 gram of excess fat on the daily basis.

Our solution to this requirement is called BIOLIT – these are homeopathic pellets, containing 98% Xylitol with some protection covering, are infused with the specified amount of HCG by means of the most technologically advanced method called Resonance Energy Reprinting. This method allows copying the main electromagnetic spectrum of the source substance, HCG in our instance, onto a homeopathic carrier, for which we chose Xylitol pellets having the smallest caloric amount yet sweet and effective.

Biolit - Xylitol pellets with HCG effect supporting Dr. Simeons Diet

Biolit – Xylitol pellets with HCG effect supporting Dr. Simeons Diet

Pham-a-spheres xylitol globuli analysis

Pham-a-spheres xylitol globuli analysis

The amazing outcome of this approach is that once the Xylitol pellets carrying around 125 units of HCG charge within them is taken into your month, the organism reacts exactly as thought it has just consumed that amount of the original substance without HCG ever entering your body!

We use Biolit pellets for the last 5 years in our business, having served more than 8000 clients worldwide, who reported around 9 kg fat loss on average within 40 days of the diet. No complaints of hunger, weakness or any kind of side effects were reported!

So, if you’re looking to buy HCG Diet Pellets in UK and Europe, you’re welcome to buy hcg pellets based diet package and start.

How to buy HCG diet pellets in UK and Europe?

What do you get when your purchase the Dr Simeons HCG Diet package from us? What we discovered was that in order to truly ensure that you succeed with Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol you must have the following components:

  • Substance with HCG effect, providing direct access to the locked fat reserves. In our case these are Biolit – HCG Diet Pellets having 98% Xylitol with the exactly correct amount of HCG energy-reprinted onto them.
  • Professional, comprehensive yet concise Dr. Simeons Diet User Guide. The right guide would provide you just enough understanding of Dr. Simeons HCG Diet principles, process phases, clear instructions on each one including allowed and forbidden products and a lot of tips to go around the pitfalls.
  • Interactive online diary, where you record your morning weight and track your daily food intake. We developed an online interactive diary, which understands if you are succeeding with the process or need some assistance, in which case it refers you to the relevant user guide chapter, allowed foods table file and suggests contacting your diet consultant.
  • Downloadable files including: step-by-step weight loss process checklist, loading phase food recommendations, diet phase allowed products and tips, stabilization phase principles and suggested products.
  • Access to private Dr. Simeons professional consultant, who would follow your progress via the Interactive Online Diary, as well as will be there for any questions you might have during the Dr. Simeons exact and highly effective excessive fat loss process.
Dr Simeons HCG Diet UK - User Gide

Dr Simeons HCG Diet – Complete User Gide by Anat Stern

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet UK - Interactive Online Diary

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet – Interactive Online Diary

You can buy you hcg diet pellets with the guide book only or order the full support package via our order page.

If you have any questions, please,
don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Lastly, you’re welcome to leave your email and get access to the informative brochure covering all the principles of Dr. Simeons HCG Diet including the different substances having HCG effect with ours among them:

How to get rid of up to 15 kg of excess fat in 40 days with no risk to health, starvation or heavy sports, to get perfect slim body without fat or cellulite?