How to lose up to 15 kg of weight quickly and efficiently in 40 days and maintain the achieved weight all your life?

When you look into the mirror, do you see a woman who desperately needs to lose weight?

Do you remember how in your happy 20s you were able to eat anything as much as you liked, to enjoy eating, but at the same time still be thin and attractive to yourself and also others? What has happened?

Maybe you are in your 30s. It is possible that you have had one or two children and maybe your mood is not what it used to be. Every family dinner becomes a painful process of finding the clothes to hide the parts of your body you do not want to show others.

How about health issues and the physical exertion related to being overweight? Does going up the stairs make you lose your breath? How about running with and after your children? Are you able to move and be active freely and easily?

Newspapers and magazines write about serious illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol levels and the ratio of fats exceeding the norm. As a rule, these are the problems of overweight people and they tend to appear quite quickly. Your back begins to ache and cause trouble and you see the first signs of varicose veins. In short – you age prematurely.

How about the desire to look sexy and attractive, to wear nice clothes and be admired by others? Do you really love yourself and feel desirable?

Obesity may lead you to not like yourself anymore and maybe even make you angry at yourself for letting it happen. Maybe you want to blame your work, children and spouse for making this happen? So you have already given up and wish to carry on not taking control over your weight that keeps on growing? Is it true that you have let your body go and also lost the ability to look good, dress fashionably and be beautiful and thin?

The most depressing thing is that when you try to go on a diet, life becomes a torture. You may succeed in losing a few kilos, but as soon as you let things slip, the weight comes back at a frightening speed.

After all that starvation, giving up favourite foods, endless calorie counting, guilt after each excessive bite, you may reach the terrible conclusion that you are not one of those people who is able to improve and get back the body you used to love very much.

A mother told a story about how her son unexpectedly said that the mother of his friend was more beautiful, because she was a lot thinner and slimmer – this was very painful to hear.

If you do not solve your weight problem immediately, it will only get worse –
weight will increase and health deteriorates.

The worst thing, which you certainly already know, is that you will keep on gaining more and more weight if you do not do anything to stop it! You may cause irreparable damage to your health. At some point, it will become impossible to improve your health without medication, expensive surgeries and endless doctor’s appointments.

And, God forbid, if your blood pressure rises or should you get diabetes or high cholesterol, it will mean expensive medication with unpleasant side effects and a bad physical and emotional state. Then it will no longer be possible to turn a blind eye to the issues and say that it will not happen to you.

If you do not solve your weight issues immediately, tomorrow might be already too late! You and your partner may grow apart because you do not feel sexy and desirable enough. You might not have enough energy to spend time with your children. Lack of physical stamina does not enable you to do the simplest of things and illnesses will creep up one by one.

Who am I to tell you these things?

Hello! My name is Anat Stern and this is my story. For the past few years, I have battled with 15 kilograms of excess weight. It might not seem much for some people, but for me it was a source of physical and mental discomfort, poor health and constant anguish.

I used to be thin and was considered attractive by men – everyone said that I was beautiful. I lived with a feeling of having all doors open to me and being able to be successful at everything. I got married at 26 and my dress size was 36!

And then I had my first child – at the beginning, I did not feel that there was anything wrong with me; I took care of the girl, breastfed and bathed her. But at some point I just forgot about myself… I did not understand why all my nice clothes no longer fit me, even though I was the same Anat. It took me three years to understand and realise that I needed help to find myself again. I began trying different weight loss methods and diets.

I tried many different things. My mother, who is a specialist in diets, shared her knowledge of different diets such as nutrient combination diet, blood group diet, grain diet, protein diet and many others. The results did not last – I sacrificed myself to lose 3-5 kg, but could not lose more, or in worse cases, the weight crept back up to the same bad level. Depressing, isn’t it?

I tried to lose weight with different dietary supplements and even appetite reducing pills. Of course, I chose high-quality supplements provided by well-known companies. But the same thing happened – I lost up to 5-7 kg, but could not lose as much as I wanted.

Not giving up, I decided to turn things around with physical fitness – I joined a gym and also hired a personal trainer. I went to the gym five times a week and really worked hard! At the same time, I was on a special diet meant for athletes who wish to speed up their metabolism to lose weight.

Guess what happened. I lost… 5 kg. My muscle mass increased and naturally my physical indicators improved. I was no longer out of breath after climbing stairs, but… my beautiful clothes that I wanted to wear to feel thin and attractive still did not fit.

I continued to look for a weight loss system which would work. I was searching for a method that would help lose the excess weight I had been trying to lose for the past three years. I was looking for a method which would be both quick and efficient, but also healthy and natural.

I searched, read, compared, tried, attempted to find quick solutions and when I did, I was surprised at how simple it is! It made so much sense that I did not think twice. I knew that this was the solution I had been looking for. It is exactly what I wanted to do to return to my former self!

Do you also want to completely solve your weight problem
in a short period of time?

Would you like to balance your metabolism
so that your body would not gain weight in the future?

Would you be interested in knowing how to achieve it
without exhausting work-outs and expensive surgery?

Doctor Simeons’ diet

Доктора Альберт СимеонсImagine a British doctor in the 1950s working with important and wealthy patients from across the world at a private clinic in Rome to help the patients lose weight quickly, improve their figure and maintain their health at the same time.

He found a solution which works on everyone without exceptions – it works on women, men, children and the elderly. And all of this thanks to his discovery of the actual reasons of becoming overweight! He discovered that it is never the person’s own fault! Doctor Simeons opposed the opinions of other doctors who said that excess weight is caused by overeating and the fact that the person does not want to stop eating!

The name of that brilliant doctor is Albert Simeons.

Doctor Simeons’ revolutionary discoveries

1. There are three types of fats

The human body has three types of fats, one of which is the so-called bad fat, which the body stores in certain places and which a person cannot get rid of with ordinary diets and exercise. These fats are stored in the abdominal area, breasts, upper arms, neck, hips and all the other places you would like to be smaller.

Ordinary diets and exercise make the body burn mainly “good” fats, which are available for it:

  • the fat between the internal organs of the body, which protects the organs from damage;
  • the fat around muscles;
  • the fat around the skeleton, which makes the skin beautiful.

You have certainly noticed people who are on fast diets and whose skin has a sickly way of attaching directly to their bones – they look exhausted and almost lifeless, but their abdomen and hips still look the same!

Now you know why:

In case of ordinary diets, the body burns “good” fats,
but the deposited “bad” fat is almost completely inaccessible!

2. HCG frees up the “bad” fat

If the human body detects a substance with the effects of HCG, the body is willing to free up the “bad” fat and use it for nutrition. When there is HCG in the body, it begins to break up the “bad” fat to use it as a source of nutrition and energy.

This way, you let a personal helper into your body to give your brain a direct signal to free up the bad, old fat. And where are these fat deposits usually located? Hips, waist and abdomen!!! Therefore, you will have a personal helper, who will free up an average of 500 g of fat from these areas daily… This helper is worth millions and today you can use it yourself!

HCG is a hormone produced in a pregnant woman’s body, the functional mechanisms of which ensure optimal metabolism and constant availability of nutrition for the developing foetus and the mother, even when the mother is not eating almost anything. And this is not happening at the expense of the mother’s health, but at the expense of the stored fat (so-called bad fats), which the body does not normally use, but saves up for “poorer days”.

3. 500 calorie diet burns the fat that has been freed up

By combining the effects of HCG with the 500-calorie diet, which consists of a very precise list of foods, the body loses an average of 500 g of weight a day and that comes only from the so-called bad fat!

This means that you feel full almost all the time because you are actually using up at least 2000 calories a day: 1500 calories from burning fats and an additional 500 calories which you can enjoy eating during the day! This is actually a diet without dieting!

4. At the same time, your metabolism normalizes

The body’s metabolism normalizes! Associated problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, varicose veins, arthritis, high blood pressure and several other illnesses, which usually require treatment, may improve noticeably and the need to use medication is reduced significantly.

It all makes sense! You give your body only easily digestible foods and the body reacts with a feeling of lightness and normal and regular bowel movement.

The metabolic system reaches a balance and also all other essential systems begin to work smoothly and correctly.

5. By losing 1 kg of weight, you lose 1 cm of your measurements

In addition to losing the so-called bad fats, you also lose 1 cm with each 1 kg of weight loss! Your fat deposits visibly “melt” away from the places you want them to. At the beginning of the process, the measurements of all these important places are reduced and, at the end of the process, you can see significant differences by taking new measurements. There is nothing else to add!

Aren’t you tired of all these endless exercises: squats, bouncing on a ball, hours of working out on gym equipment to reduce your measurements, only to find out in the end that nearly nothing has changed? Now imagine a situation where every kilogram you lose means a centimetre off your measurements – just like magic!

Advantages of the Doctor Simeons’ diet

All in all, if you follow the instructions strictly, the Doctor Simeons’ diet will offer you the following:

  • fast diet – losing up to 500 g of weight daily;
  • maintaining your health – only the so-called bad fats are burned;
  • completely safe – muscle mass is not affected almost at all;
  • metabolism normalizes – the metabolism stabilizes;
  • a lot of weight lost – you will lose 8-15 kg in 40 days;
  • convenient diet – you will not feel hunger or weakness;
  • no need to exercise – you may exercise, but it is not obligatory;
  • maintaining weight – quick metabolism helps to maintain the result.

Research and scientific evidence

Doctor Simeons’ diet has been known in the world since 1977, when his work was published in English. Online searches show many people across the world who have achieved significant results with the diet and whose results continue to prove that Doctor Simeons’ weight loss and metabolism normalisation process is well-grounded and effective.

The diet works only if people follow Doctor Simeons’ instructions to the letter. If you are baking a cake according to a specific recipe, but decide to change half the ingredients and the method of preparation, you cannot expect to get the same cake or even something edible at all, can you? The same may happen with this precise process.

Original research

Доктора Альберт СимеонсI advise you to read Doctor Simeons’ original research. His manuscript is available in English at:

Doctor Simeons’ original manuscript Pounds and Inches.

His book in English can also be ordered online from

Link to, where the book is displayed.

Independent expert

I also recommend reading a study carried out by an independent expert who observed thousands of people while they were on the Doctor Simeons’ weight loss diet.

Opinion of an independent expert, including tens of thousands of success stories related to the Doctor Simeons’ diet – HCG Diets.

Diabetes treatment

Type 2 diabetes is considered to be a chronic and untreatable illness, which requires treatment with medication throughout the patient’s life. However, a British scientist and professor at the Newcastle University, Roy Taylor, has conducted a study which was recently presented at the conference of an anti-diabetes organisation in the USA and which challenges this postulate. According to the study, it is very probable that this illness can be beaten by just following a diet…

Link to the Newcastle University study:

Losing more kilograms leads to a more lasting result

In the course of a study conducted in 2010 at the Florida University, researchers studied the data of 262 middle-aged women who were overweight. The study showed that those women who lost weight more quickly were able to lose more weight in total and maintain the result for a significantly longer period of time.

Link to the article:

Study on the effects of HCG

There is also one independent study published in a well-known American magazine:

Effect of human chorionic gonadotrophin on weight loss, hunger, and feeling of well-being. W.L. Asher, M.D., and Harold W. Harper, M.D.

Doctor Simeons’ diet works only if your body gets a signal that there is HCG in the body. In his work, Doctor Simeons’ describes a functional theory about the effects of HCG on the hypothalamus – the lowest part of the interbrain, which regulates all the functions of the human hormonal system.

From the 1950s to 1970s, Doctor Simeons used small amounts of original HCG hormones extracted from the placenta of pregnant women. Also today, some smaller private clinics use it according to Doctor Simeons’ initial instructions, which you can read from his manuscript „POUNDS AND INCHES: A New Approach To Obesity”.

We recommend the most advanced solution having the effect of HCG, but containing no hormone itself in any quantity!

Biolit’s sweet granules with HCG effect

Starting from the 1970s until today, homeopathic HCG drops have been used for the Doctor Simeons’ diet. These drops have been produced on the principle of classical homeopathy – the active substance is diluted 20-30 times. The interesting fact is that although the maximally diluted solutions do not contain any molecules of the active substance, they still have an effect.

By now, the world has recognized a new diagnostic and treatment method, which is based on works carried out in the field of energy-informative medicine.

Within this method, many research institutions in Europe, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere have developed interesting solutions and devices, which enable transferring the effects of different substances by the so-called energy-informative transfer.

After long searches to find the best alternative suitable for everyone, an original and optimal solution was found:

Sweet natural xylitol based granules with the effects of HCG, ensuring access to fats without containing HCG itself or any nutrients.



Contraindications for the Doctor Simeons’ diet

The diet Doctor Simeons created will require all systems within the human body to work intensively. You should know that each system will begin working impeccably and performing its tasks as well as possible. Therefore, your health should be good to obtain the results easily and successfully.

Attention! Read this before making an order!

There are conditions in which case the Doctor Simeons’ diet can be undergone without having to worry about the situation deteriorating, but there are also conditions in the case of which undergoing the diet is strictly prohibited!

Please contact us BEFORE ordering a diet package if:

  • you have any chronic illnesses;
  • you are under constant medical supervision;
  • you take any medication daily.

In any other cases, there is no reason to delay beginning the diet and achieving the magical results it can give you.

Common questions and opinions about the Doctor Simeons’ diet

I want to discuss some questions and opinions regarding the Doctor Simeons’ diet which I often hear from people. I will give my answers here. Read them through and if you still have any doubts, you can always contact me and personally ask me all the questions you are interested in.

I read online that it is not efficient

I went to a Weight Watchers group because one of my friends who participated in that group lost quite a lot of weight. Their system did not suit me as I did not mange to lose even one kilogram. Does this mean that the system is ineffective? The answer is no. Is the system effective for everyone? The answer is also no. Compare success stories and failed cases – what is the ratio? Did the person who did not succeed follow the instructions precisely or did they falter sometimes?

If you buy HCG, but do not receive professional advice and do not use customer support, the results cannot be guaranteed.

Experts say that the diet is harmful

By now, there is proof that losing weight quickly is better than losing it slowly – see the links above. Actually, you are not living on 500 calories a day, but you get 2000-4500 calories because the fats are broken down and the body uses them.

Rapid weight loss is dangerous

The study I referred to above proved that rapid weight loss improves one’s mental state and motivates a person to keep to a diet precisely. A fast diet often leads to a healthy lifestyle so you can maintain the achieved weight for a longer time…

Hormones should not be taken – it affects health

Right, I completely agree – it is clear that hormones may affect health and should be prescribed by a doctor. However, the active HCG substitutes, which have the same effect on fats as HCG itself, are not harmful to health. So the problem can be considered solved!

Lose quickly – gain quickly

Differently from other diets, the Doctor Simeons’ diet balances and stimulates your metabolism. After the end of the diet process, you will have a balanced metabolism, but you still have to continue eating right and doing some exercise – every sensible user is aware of that by now.

A person on a 500 calorie diet does need HCG to lose weight

But why are you not doing so?! Why are you looking for other, much more expensive methods? You know the answer – it does not work! It is impossible to live on a 500 calorie diet and not feel tired, nervous, irritable, terribly hungry and not to snap at the people around you.

But if we add to the diet process HCG, which decomposes the hidden deposits of fat in the body, the body gets enough energy and nutrition to make the person feel full. On the one hand, you are burning the so-called bad fats and, on the other hand, you feel full. It seems like a winning combination to me!

During our diet, you will feel slightly uncomfortable for 40 days in comparison to the life before the diet, but at the same time, you will feel full and generally well.

Actually, it is a case of the placebo effect

And where is the problem? It does not make a difference what you are given: placebo pills, placebo drink, placebo wonder-drug or placebo drops… Regardless of whether it is all in your head or not, the results will come. Up to 15 kg in 40 days – it seems to me that such a placebo is worth trying.

It is better to exercise and eat right

This is right of course. Yet, did it help you to lose weight? No, it only helps to maintain weight, not improve it. It has helped you to keep your body in good shape, but not lose weight. Doctor Simeons’ diet gives you a push for quick and healthy weight loss. After that, you can continue with a balanced diet and exercise to maintain the achieved result in the healthiest way.

You cannot drink coffee with milk or diet drinks and carbonated drinks

Of course – this is a weight loss diet. In case of this diet, you get protein, vegetables and carbohydrates with every meal and sometimes can enjoy fruits. There are many forbidden products, but think for a second – is coffee with milk during these 40 days more important than losing up to 15 kg? Are you really willing to give up your dream of losing up to 15 kg in the name of having some drinks with your friends? For those who take themselves seriously the answer is clear.

Very precise menu – all has to be weighed

During the first week, it really is difficult to get used to smaller portions of food and certain types of food, which have to be weighed before preparation or eating. But when you see the results already on the first days, it will support you and give you strength to carry on. During the second week, the menu will already seem simple and tasty.

What can you actually eat?

Let me explain what your daily menu will look like. Please remember that it does not matter when and how you eat, but it is important to pay attention on what and in which quantities you eat!

For several years, Doctor Simeons studied which foods help to lose weight and what is the maximum number of calories one should consume for the body to burn stored fats and function on these fats. Therefore, we are doing things according to and not against his recommendations.

You may consume up to 200 g of protein a day: chicken breast, white fish, canned tuna, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese – normal food you are used to eating and which is sold in every store.

You may consume up to 300 g of fruits a day: oranges, apples, grapefruits, strawberries – pick your favourites and eat what you love.

You may consume up to 800 g of vegetables and green plants a day: lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, spinach, celery, beetroot leaves – all the things you have been eating so far.

You may consume up to 44 calories of carbohydrates in a day: rice cakes, toast, Grissini breadsticks – as you see, you will even have something to chew on.

All kinds of seasonings are allowed, except those containing sugar and fat – you are on a diet, aren’t you?

Coffee, tea, water – with a sweetener or stevia (natural sweetener). All else will result in you not losing weight and that would be a shame.

Believe me or not, but there will be days when you cannot do everything listed.

The menu does not suit vegetarians well

That is true. The menu for vegetarians is much stricter, but you can still make it through the 40 days by eating eggs, cottage cheese and tofu products. You will lose weight more slowly, but you will still lose kilograms and from the right places.

It is not allowed to use oil or fat based cosmetics

The reality is that it is possible to find water based substitutes for oil based products from every cosmetics store: creams for your face, hands, feet, body and even a toning lotion, which you can freely use for these 40 days. And it is a small price to pay for the possibility of telling everyone that you are thin and slim!

No carbs – what to do?

Throughout the diet, you can use up to 44 calories of carbohydrates every day. This is two crackers or two rice cakes or two Grissini bread sticks. Believe it or not, but this is all your body needs.

You have to eat, but the list of products is very limited

The thing is that it took Doctor Simeons 16 years to find the exact menu which contributes to burning bad fats, speeds up the diet process and ensures 100% success always. I am not going to challenge his instructions as I have seen actual results!

Add up how much money you will SAVE!

  • Going to the gym to lose 15 kg – at least one year of heavy training. The prices of period cards range from 500-800 euros a year. If you want to hire a personal trainer to improve results, you will have to spend an additional few hundred dollars a year!
  • Saving money during the diet, especially if you were used to eating out – 5-15 euros a day. In 40 days, this will make up 200-600 euros!
  • Your weight has gotten so out of control that you need a stomach reduction surgery? The expenses are high in any case, not to mention poor quality of life both before and after the surgery.
  • You have money and you want quick results? Maybe you decide to have surgery (liposuction) to remove the fat. The Health Board will not cover these expenses and they go up to thousands of dollars!
  • Did I mention the expenses of treating serious illnesses, which 15 kg or more of excess weight may cause? These are diabetes, hypertension, varicose veins and other severe illnesses related to obesity and metabolic disorders.
  • And last, but not least – bad mood. Do you want to go to a psychiatrist due to your depression caused by your looks and feeling bad? Because you can no longer wear your favourite outfits? Because you are not able to function fully, enjoy life, communicate with your children and develop personal relationships?

So, what do we offer…

Now that you know what the Doctor Simeons’ diet is and how it will help you lose weight quickly and maintain the achieved result for years, we are offering you the following:

Doctor Simeons’ original diet package, which includes everything for undergoing the diet successfully and guidance and support throughout the journey to achieve the final goal – getting rid of excessive fat and normalizing your metabolism!

What our full package includes:

Sweet granules with HCG effect in a dispenser for convenient use

This preparation has been made using the newest applications in the field of energo-informative medicine and bioresonance therapy. The preparation is in the form of sweet granules made on the basis of the natural sweetener xylitol.

Therefore, using this preparation is completely safe and fully complies with the Doctor Simeons’ diet, whereas the preparation does not contain HCG hormone or other components restricting its use.

The high-quality plastic 4-gram dispenser enables you to put the sweet granules directly in your mouth without them touching your hand.

Therefore, the energo-informative charge of the substance will not decrease due to contact with hands.

Manual for the Doctor Simeons’ diet process

The manual is available as an e-book, which includes a full description of the diet process and all stages with detailed explanations on what and how to do.

Our manual includes all you need to achieve the guaranteed result – 8-15 kg of weight loss in 40 days.

Interactive online journal

Онлайн Интерактивный Дневник для Диете Доктора СимеонсаOur own application – an online program which helps you undergo the Doctor Simeons’ diet process with reliability.

Every day you will learn what has to be done today and what tomorrow, which foods you can eat during the stages of the diet and how many calories you have already eaten during the day.

The journal will monitor your weight gain and loss, and also give you advice on what sections of the manual you should read, which forums you should visit or whom to turn to in case of questions.

And what is most important – we know exactly what is going on with you and can quickly and reliably help you find timely solutions to all problems which may arise in the course of the diet process.

Personal support via the homepage and e-mail

If you do not want to submit a question to the forum, you can send a personal letter with your question to our customer support. You will get a reply in a few hours.


Why you should undergo the process with us?

I will explain our advantages in comparison to other options of undergoing the process:

  • You will get the Doctor Simeons’ original diet package, which guarantees 100% success in all cases!
  • I and my husband have undergone the process ourselves – therefore you will get support/help on the basis of personal experiences.
  • The manual you will receive has a special adjusted list – a detailed list of reasons why your weight might not drop during the diet or may even rise, along with exact measures to correct your daily weight loss.
  • Our unique application! Interactive weight monitoring journal and menu for each stage of the diet process. The journal automatically makes sure that you know what to do today and tomorrow, what you may and may not eat, how many calories you have already eaten and so on. We can offer you the best support if we know your whole story during the process.

If you want to visit the stores to buy new fashionable clothes for your slim, beautiful and healthy body as soon as possible, act now!